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Photo Gallery

Sandy Sanders WMA Sandy Sanders WMA Elm Fork of Red River, SSWMA 86718240 Whitetail Road Typical running conditions 86723402 Spring pastures, SSWMA 86718242 Fish Creek, SSWMA Wet season brings some muddy water but waters in SSWMA are generally very clear due to the gypsum content of the soils. 86718243 105076697 Fish Creek 86718244 Fish Creek Whitetail Road goes along the edge of the bluffs in background. 86718245 Pinchots Pinchot junipers dot the landscape of SSWMA. 86718248 Uplands, SSWMA 86718249 Getting Good Directions Ron Smith, Wildlife/Lands Management Biologist at Sandy Sanders WMA drawsa map for our navigator Ransom Snowden. Ron, himself a mountain biker, was hugely helpful in finding the best routes. 86718247 Looking SE, Bobcat Road 86718251 Overlook, Bobcat Road 86718252 Pond along the Crappie Pond Road 86718253 Big fish in clear water 86718254 Prickly Pear Cactus in bloom 86718255 More Prickly Pear 86718256 Prickly Pear and Mesquite 86718259 Blossom 86718260 Dry creekbed, gyp hills 86718263 Dry creekbed 86718264 South Ranch Road, SSWMA This is fairly traveled county road through SSWMA along the Elm Fork. Dowackado travels on very little of this type of nicely maintained county road. 86718266 Climax vegetation Spring Wildflowers at SSWMA 86718267 105076714 Overlook South from Whitetail Road 86723403 105076715 DoWackaDo Trail Run Committee Tracy Moynihan, Retta Everett Snowden, Glenda West, Gayla Splinter (A.J. Croce, Jim Croce's son, and friend are not on the trail run committee), Joel Everett. Croce stopped by the Roger Miller Museum during our meeting and we captured a photo with him. You never know who's gonna cruise down Route 66 into the RM Museum! 86718246 105076716 Committee Cousins Committee members Retta Everett Snowden, Joel Everett, and Tracy Moynihan. 86718239 105076729 105076730 105076731 105076732 105076733 105076840 105076841 105076842 105076844 105076845 105076846