DO-WACKA-DO TRAIL RUN Sept 8, 2012 - Erick, Okla 5 mi, 25k, 50k, and 50 mile Trail Runs

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Beginning Jan 1, 2011 anyone who enters any Oklahoma Wildlife Management Area MUST HAVE an Oklahoma hunting or fishing license or the new "Conservation Passport License", which costs $26. You may go to a business who sells the license or pay $3 additional to get it online at This is a state statute and is separate from DoWackaDo and our entry fees.   

The 'Breaks' of Do-Wacka-Do

The 'Breaks' is an area of rough ranchland with lots of  canyons and buttes.  The region has white exposed gypsum strata in the soil from ancient shallow seas that were here 270 to 220 million years ago.  

Within the 'breaks', Sandy Sander WMA is a 30,000 acre state owned wildlife management area.  It is used primarily by hunters from October to April.  Trails are mostly  double track ranch roads.   The Elm Fork of the Red River (pictured right) is at the southern end of the WMA and is the drainage for the 'breaks'. 

The Dowackado Ranch Headquarters where the start/finish is located is on the NE side of the WMA property (see Map Page for a map). 

BEEN THERE, DONE THAT?Don't bet your Do-Wacka-Do, Wacka-Do, Wacka-Do, Wacka-Do, Wacka-Do...  

Visit the Roger Miller Museum

The Roger Miller Museum in Erick is the beneficiary of the Do-Wacka-Do Trail Run & Gravel Ride.  It's a world class museum honoring the life and legacy of hometown son Roger Miller, American original singer-songwriter and performer.   



Roger Miller Boulevard (Route 66) and Sheb Wooley Ave.  Erick, Oklahoma.  See a great collection Roger Miller memorobilia from his motorcycle to the 'little bum' that inspired Roger's mega hit "King of the Road".

    (click on picture, right, for museum website)

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